Saturday, 17 July 2010

FotW: Ranunculus

I love flowers. I think a world without flowers wouldn't be worth living in.

Flower of the week post is a must, yes?!

Coincidently, a couple of months ago, I planted some cute Ranunculus bulbs that would sprout into a myriad of colours, petals and gorgeousness! I can't wait till spring as this is when the buds will flower. Hopefully!


  1. Hello Ashra, thanks for dropping by :)

    I love yellow roses! I'll definitely post something about them in the future!

  2. cantiknya ranunculus... nampak macam rose kan... ada bau tak?

  3. Ada bau, but its mildly scented. I think you grow it for the looks. Its beautiful tho...I love them.