Saturday, 24 July 2010

Friday is Date night!

Sometimes on the weekends, FortuneCat and I dress up like two cool cats and go out for a date :)

A couple of months ago, we moved to the beautiful suburb of Ivanhoe. Its pretty awesome here, leafy green surrounding and a charming shopping street. There are many cafes and restaurants we want to try. So last Friday we went to Va Tutto. It is dubbed a Modern Italo-Australian Restaurant in a review by the Epicure.

I had high expectations for Va Tutto and the meal we had that night did not let me down. It was a gastronomical experience. The prices were pretty reasonable for a fine dining restaurant. We were definitely not complaining because everything that we ordered was absolutely delicious.

I had the Potato Gnocchi with Lamb Ragout and FortuneCat decided that he would have the special that night which was the Wild Barramundi with Caramelized Soy Sauce, Fishcake and Asian green. The Gnocchi was great but the star of that night's meal was the Barramundi. Maybe it was my Asian tastebud but I ended up finishing FortuneCat's dinner for him, poor thing hehe :p

The Gnocchi, was little fluffy pillows of potato coated in tomato sauce and chunks of lamb. I don't think I've ever had Gnocchi this good but I think next time I would get the entree size instead of the main. The wild Barramundi tasted really fresh and the delicate balance of the Caramelized soy sauce and fishcake made this dish perfect. It was satisfying and by the end we were pretty full.

But not too full for this!! :)

From the very start we know we had to have dessert! We are both sweet tooths and I asked FortuneCat to choose our sweets for us. We had the Lemon Tart with caramelized top and Lemon Ice Cream. The only thing I can come up with when describing this taste sensation was 'orgasmic'. Yes, it is that fantastic. Other Lemon Tart would find it hard to top the one we had at Va Tutto! I would come back here just for this treat.

I wish I had a better camera to show how beautiful the food was - we just took these on an iPhone.


  1. wowwwww... im drooling... hehe.. m sure u had a nice time makan-makan kan..

  2. me blogwalking here..
    :) from Nottingham UK with love :)

  3. Lamb.. my all time favourite ni... and ice creamm.... soo yummy! :)

    Suke la kaler biru layout blog Pixie ni. Very nice :)

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  5. Wants to go to Aussie now!
    Delicious choice fina!