Monday, 19 July 2010

Let the party begin!

One of my favourite things to do is cooking and hosting a dinner party, brunch etc for friends and family (in Malay we call this makan-makan). Malays are known for their hospitality. Any visitors to their household wouldn't be disappointed and always end their visits with smiling faces and happy bellies. I think this trait just runs in my Malay blood.

Last Saturday, we were graced by the special delivery of our very first dining table! We were so excited, spying like kids for the delivery truck every chance we've got. I sound positively aunty-ish getting my highs and thrills from the arrival of a furniture. We are especially proud of this latest addition. Smooth, black top with intricate carving on the side. It is also accompanied by six beautiful Burgundy chairs in velvet. This dining table is fanciful, chic and elegant at the same time. Worthy of our high standard ;)

With the lack of a working camera, I am just going to post pictures via my phone camera. So, it wouldn't be the best of photos. Drat it!

To protect our new purchase from scratches and what not we also bought a beautiful set of Chinoiserie place mats. The explosion of colours and Chinese-esque design provide a beautiful contrast to the smooth ebony of the table.

I applaud our decision to save and buy pieces that we would really love instead of just getting the cheapest mass produced furniture.

I'm cooking a Malaysian themed feast this week so we are having a couple of friends over for dinner. Should be fun!


  1. I LOVE your dining table!
    And the place mats are amazing!
    Very asian Fina!
    Thumbs up for the dining table set!

  2. Dinner parties, sweet! Also good for the odd board game or two. At first I thought the placemats were too bright but it looks great - good choice sayang.

  3. such a beautiful dining table... the placemats too! i pulak yang tak sabar nak tunggu your update in malaysian theme feast tu esp the makan2 part hehe..

  4. Hi Pixie,
    Thanks for dropping by Blogresipi. Ada kat Melbourne ya.. nice city. I've been there once, happened to be in winter :D And yes, untuk darah tropika macam kite, it was really cold :)

    Bytheway, i like your dining table. Especially the color of the chairs. Very very beautiful :)