Friday, 30 July 2010

Good coffee and absenteeism

Yes, yes...I have been neglecting Saya Nak Makan. I just can't write anything at the moment. I think I'm having writer's block (LOL) and lacking enthusiasm from exhaustion.

FortuneCat and I have been searching for that great cup of joe lately. Having been burnt, literally by coffee made by incompetent hands. Yes we have become one of those coffee snobs. I think I understand why those people are snobs now. You are paying good money for a cup of coffee. The last thing you want is to get burnt and left with a bitter and disgusting after taste in your mouth.

Melbourne is well known for the plethora of good food and drink. If you ever find yourself on a visit to Melbourne, don't forget to try the coffee! We found this review site online and have began drinking our way around town. Our first choice Brother Baba Budan did not dissapoint. When we arrived the place was packed with the morning rush waiting for their caffeine hit. The decor was... interesting, I kept hoping the chairs on the ceiling won't come crushing down on me.

My long Macchiato was admittedly too hot to drink at first, but after the coffee cooled, I was hit by a caffeine party in my mouth hehe...

FortuneCat and I agreed that they really need to replace their lids on the take away cups. We were both doused by our coffee a lil' :(


  1. Melbourne has some great coffee but it also has some shockers out there - definitely do your research people!!

    I'm sure we'll be back to 'Buda' soon enough :)