Thursday, 15 July 2010

Sustainable lifestyle

A couple of weeks ago FortuneCat and I watched The Cove over dinner. FortuneCat warned me before we sat down to watch that it would be bloody and sad. Having seen a couple of bad movies lately I was willing to give this one a try. We love documentaries, how bad could it be?

It was heartbreaking! I cried shamelessly, blubbering about the poor dolphins and porpoises. My heart went out to Ric O'Barry, struggling with guilt to undo what he has started. Before The Cove, dolphins were just another sea mammal to me. I always thought they were cute but it has never generate any real interest before. I know that Whales were hunted and various consumer products are produced from the subsequent act of cruelty. I never knew the same treatment has been done to their smaller cousins.

Prior to this, I decided I must help somehow. What do I do? I wished I could have given tangible donations to make a difference. The whole dolphin/whaling issue just creates a moral dilemma for me. The movie mentioned that the Japanese Government told its fishermen that the Dolphins are pests that dwindled their lucrative fishing industry. Its ridiculous, but it just struck a cord in me. Its a never ending cycle. Is it ethical for me to stay with my current diet or should I be a vegetarian? Would it help with the cause?

I chose to give Vegetarianism a try. FortuneCat decided that he would help me in my endeavor as well. Bless him! Anyways, so the first week of being a vegetarian I faltered and started to crave steak and chicken fillets. Everything around me tantalised and tempted. How does a girl that has eaten meat all her life stop craving meat? It was doomed to failure. One night I confessed to FortuneCat that I can't do it anymore. Shame on me :(

I think the best way to help is to create awareness. Since watching the movie, we have told friends and family about The Cove. Every little contribution helps and in the end it would lead to big things. I believe whole heartedly that everything in moderation is the best way to create balance. I also realized that I need to try and live a more sustainable lifestyle i.e; be a conscious consumer thus reducing my ecological footprint. Support local farmers and avoid factory farms that resulted in incredible pain and suffering for the animals being farmed.

I hope anyone that come across this humble blog would stop by The Cove's official website here and eventually watch the eye opening documentary The Cove.


  1. I love The Cove.. its so sad but we can't hide from the truth. For me its about living sustainably, minimising animal harm and not slaughtering our most intelligent fellow animals. We don't eat any of the monkey family and I believe whales & dolphins should be safe also.

    I think if we could have reasonable limits on sea-fishing and perhaps promote fish-farms, we could limit the damage we do to our oceans.

    While not a vegetarian 24/7, perhaps you could share some great vegetarian dishes in future posts :)

  2. if ur gonna turn vegetarian, i'm going to be a nun :P

  3. FortuneCat,

    So true! I think people in some parts of the world eat monkeys. Its so cruel :(

    Eunice pandai :p

    I think you're missing the gist of what I want to put across here miss..

  4. thanks for sharing... but u do not feel bad, u have done your part my dear friend.. i kinda agree with fortune cat, may be u can share some vegetarian menu... :)