Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Shara's Resolution

I've had this account since September 2009 but has never officially entered a post. I know its a bit late for New Year's resolution but its OK. For my own purposes, I am quite keen to compile a list of things I want to do and achieve.

Here goes:

1) Write here at least once a week
2) Cook more Malaysian food
3) Start on some craft work
4) Learn French
5) Do more volunteer work
6) Save for Europe
7) Achieve at least 3 of the compiled resolutions above

Hmm...I think that's most of the things that I would really love to get done. Maybe all I needed was a blog and a concrete to-do list to give me a kick in the butt to get things going! We'll see :)


  1. Hi RainbowPixie,
    i pun update blog about once or twice a week gitu. Tapi i do not have facebook etc, blog saja lah yang i ada and i think untung jugak ada blog ni coz i can polish my writing skills kan and at the same time i dapat kenal ramai virtual friends.
    Your new year resolution semua nampak interesting like craftwork tu hehe. I tengah berkenan nak belajar buat patchwork, buku patchwork and mesin jahit dah ada, kain2 cotton pun dah ada, i tot nak buat blanket for my two debab cats tu :-) its just i havent started yet.
    Anyway, I feel glad to be your first follower here. Keep blogging, i believe it is never too late to start something new..something good in our life, kan. Keep blogging yeah.. :-)

  2. Lady!

    Wah bestnya dapat first comment! Tq :)

    I tengah semangat nak blog. Ideas are flowing! Wah, I pun minat sangat nak cuba patchwork and quilting. It looks interesting. My MIL taught me how to knit recently, susah betul. Mungkin I takde seni kot. But I tengah sabar, its actually very therapeutic if you get the hang of it. Mesti best kalau dah pandai, boleh I buat macam macam untuk present or something. Anyways thank you for reading yer..nanti I lawat your blog lagi!

  3. Ooh, can't wait to see 'saya nak makan' develop! I also think you should aim to do 5 things on that list ;)